Ensuring Your Suitcase Stays Safe: Four Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Travel

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We’ve all thought about the nightmare scenario of showing up at the baggage belt and seeing everyone’s luggage but your own – and some of have experienced the dread first hand. This holiday season, with people packing the airports and workers there pulling long shifts accommodate everyone, we’ve pieced together 4 quick tips to reduce the chances of it happening to you.

1. Opt for Direct Flights

While flying direct may be a bit pricier, it’s a surefire way to sidestep the hassles of layovers. Layovers not only mean an additional stop for you but also increase the chances of your luggage getting lost in transit.

2. Include a Suitcase Itinerary

Imagine your suitcase basking in the streets of Paris while you’re in Amsterdam. To avoid such scenarios, consider placing a detailed itinerary inside your luggage. This little piece of paper can significantly expedite the relocation process, as airline staff can use it to reunite you with your belongings promptly.

3. Invest in GPS Tracking

Give yourself peace of mind by investing in a GPS tracker such as Airtags or Tile Mates. These nifty devices, tucked securely inside your suitcase, allow you to monitor the whereabouts of your luggage using your smartphone or tablet. This tactic proved effective when a holiday traveler tracked down her misplaced bag, discovering it at a random apartment complex along with other abandoned luggage.

4. Capture Baggage Photos

Snap a quick picture of your suitcase before embarking on your journey. In the unfortunate event of loss, this photo can be sent to airline staff, making the identification process much smoother. For those determined to avoid the luggage shuffle altogether, consider traveling with a carry-on. Some savvy travelers even create extra space in their carry-on by repurposing their neck pillow—removing the stuffing and filling it with clothes instead.

By incorporating these tips into your travel routine, you can bid farewell to luggage-related stress and focus on enjoying your holiday adventures. Safe travels!

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