How our pricing works...

crossville tennessee ride service


Airport pricing is based on drop off service during normal business hours. See below for extra fees incurred when picking up from, or service during "off-hours."

Price: We start at $160.00 to Knoxville, $185.00 to Nashville, and $200.00 to Chattanooga.


When you need a ride, but don't know how long it will take - we bill by the hour, starting at $50.00/hr. This is billed from picking you up at your location, until we drop you back off. All wait time is included in the fee.

Price: Billed hourly starting at $50.00/hr. from pickup to drop-off.

anderson airport trip


Different destinations (other than airports or medical facilities) can be places like residential addresses, car dealers, hotels, etc. and are priced based on distance. Please call us or email for an exact quote.

Price: Custom quote based on location, distance, time of day, and number of passengers.

Factors that can affect your cost:

A list of some of the most common factors that can alter the cost of your trip.  They include:

  • “Off Hours” are between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m., and incur an extra fee of $20.00 per trip.
  • # of passengers – base prices are for 1-2 passengers per trip, 3-5 will incur an extra fee.
  • Meet & Greet airport pickup service, includes pickup inside w/ assistance w/ baggage, incurs parking fees.
  • Any wait time incurred beyond the normal amount of an hour from reservation arrival time is billed additionally at a rate of $20.00/hr. if the driver has begun their trip.
  • Trips booked on short notice MAY incur additional fees
  • Additional stops of more than 10 mins made during your trip can be billed at $20.00/hr.


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